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  • Every day, there are thousands of new songs being launched
  • Getting noticed on social media rarely happens because organic exposure is limited by all platforms
  • PR companies are too expensive and without a good connection, impossible to reach
  • Most well known independent labels are flooded with demos emails and usually don’t respond anymore

Your work deserves to be heard! We make sure your work gets noticed by cutting through the white noise.

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We stand by our results. We take care of our artists.

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It’s time for your work to be appreciated and get the streams it deserves. Make a change and let us put you on the map.

1. Send us your demo

Send us your demo using the form on the website. It only takes 1 minute. We will have a look at what you’ve created (we kindly accept submissions)

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Why work with 11:11 Music Group?

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Our promise to you: We’ll do our best to promote your art and fulfill your potential.

We stand by our words: 100% transparency.